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Important Info


Recently it has come to our attention that a tremendous amount of misinformation is floating around as fact.  Unfortunately many people interested in a career with the USPS, have been receiving false information from strangers, friends, and family as well as unauthorized Postal Service Employees.

False statements all potential USPS candidates should avoid:

  • I heard they're not hiring
    Truth: The USPS is constantly hiring, Click Here for # of job openings. 
  • USPS still uses the Civil Service Exam
    Truth: The Civil Service Exam was replaced in 2003 with the 473 Postal Battery Exam.
  • I heard there is a hiring freeze
    Truth:  They are always hiring, go online to usps.com (look up job openings by state)
  • Their not offering the 473 Postal Battery Exam for 2 or 3 years
    Truth: Upon completing your eCareer profile you will receive an email listing your official exam date, time and location
  • The USPS is only hiring military veterans
    Truth: All applicants are given equal consideration, but veterans do receive 5-10 points.
  • You don't need to prepare for the required 473-Exam
    Truth: You do need to prepare, but you don"t have to prepare. It is a personal choice.  The more you prepare, the better you will do.  Serious candidates prepare recognizing if they fail the exam, it cannot be retaken for one year from the date the exam was taken.

Most recently there was a case involving a Postmaster in Louisiana who was found guilty of providing false information to potential USPS employees, for no other reason than to eliminate the threat of new hires replacing less than productive old USPS employees.  Please understand that at this point a number of USPS employees were hired prior to the new exam being required, so many current employees feel threatened by new inquiries for positions where they currently work.  Please don't be mislead.