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Why We Help


In order for an individual to work at the United States Postal Service, they must not only complete all the required information submitted, but they must take and pass the required 473 Postal Battery Exam. Not only must a candidate submit everything online, but they must do so and receive a confirmation stating their information was received. Many go forward, thinking that they have completed step one, to only find out weeks later, they're not in the system at all. So the first thing we do, is make sure that every customer is aware of how important it is that they follow the instructions we have written within our product. At USPS Employment Assistance, we don't just sell books, we provide help with a refund policy that is guaranteed to every person, within the criteria set. Customers can find out-dated materials in the library or some book stores, but we actually hold your hand throughout the process as you use our book. The key to the entire process is doing well on this exam. So our next focus is to make sure each customer uses the study materials to prepare for the four sections of the exam. From there, we stress the importance of using the four practice exams included and to follow the instructions to simulate taking the real exam in advance. Each section of the exam is timed, so preparation is vital. Why is it vital? A passing score on the exam is a 70 percent. However the average score is a 53 percent. Which means the average person is failing the exam. What are the consequences of failing? You are not eligible to retake the exam for 4 months. The exam is a two hour, four section, timed per section exam. The details matter and again this is precisely why we exist. So for those who are serious about Postal employment, we provide both hands on live representatives for assistance and a tutorial study guide book, which have proven to not only produce high scores, but employment.